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Annual Competition 2022
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Annual Competition and AV Day
An actual "live" event, with real people, a massive screen, High Definition images, and cinematic sound. Thank you to our Guest Speaker, Martin Addison who judged our AVs and gave a top quality presentation on "Creative Photography and Music" illustrated with a large number of his superb Photo Harmony sequences.
Results are now posted on the Competition Results page

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Peter Brown died on 20th October.
Peter died in hospital, and we are told that he had cancer, and a broken heart. We knew he had cancer and had had treatment but we thought he had beaten it. Not so the broken heart.
Peter’s wife, Joan, died last year, and Peter found that very hard to bear. Joan had dementia and Peter cared for her lovingly and selflessly, giving up all his interests and responsibilities in every other part of his life to care for her.
Peter was highly regarded in the photographic world and was an Honorary President of Leicester Forest Photographic Society. It was there that Peter founded Leicester Forest AV Group, which later became the East Midlands Audio Visual Group and led and guided it for many years through many changes, especially the move from slides to digital AV. He was Chairman of the AV Group for 23 years, and donated the most prestigious trophy for their Annual Competition in memory of his daughter Caroline.
He started the New Horizons AV Competition for the MCPF in 1993 and took over from Brian Jeffs as Mid-Phot AV competition organizer in 2001. He ran both competitions combined until 2005 when New Horizons came to an end, but his idea of a New Horizons competition has since been adopted by the Great Northern national Audio Visual Festival. In this role he helped and encouraged new workers to show their work and he was also very persuasive in cajoling experienced workers to produce new work to ensure that the event continued to maintain its prestigious status in the AV calendar.
For many years he organised RPS AV Days together with Brian Jeffs, and these were always eagerly anticipated and well supported, with countless AV workers benefiting from the shared experience.
He has been an important and respected member of the organising committee for the National Audio Visual Championships. He was Treasurer from 1997 until 2003 when he became Chairman and Treasurer, continuing in both positions until 2009. He continued as Treasurer for the 2011 championships.
At the 2011 National AV Championships, Peter was awarded the Dobson Henry Medal, the highest honour in the AV world, for his outstanding contribution over many years to photography and to the Audio-Visual medium in particular.
Many of you will know Peter through his work with the MCPF and PAGB. He served as President of both the MCPF from 1988 to 1990, and the PAGB from 2003 to 2005, and held the highest honour bestowed by that organisation, that of HonPAGB for the work he did, and I know that it was an honour of which he was exceedingly proud. Joan was proud of him too, and supported him in everything he did, serving as Secretary of the MCPF and of the East Midlands AV Group. They were a devoted couple, and I pray that they are now reunited.
From the very beginnings of the PAGB awards for photographic merit in 1994, it was decided to include AV among the categories open to potential applicants. For many years Peter was responsible for organizing the assessments, as well as acting as Chairman of the adjudicating panel, and they were widely regarded as a model of excellence.
Even after ceasing to be a member of the PAGB Executive Committee Peter continued to be co-opted to undertake these tasks, which he did with enthusiasm and great skill, and has always been meticulous in advising the PAGB of the outcome of the awards assessment days. Remarkably he managed to achieve a most commendable reduction in running costs for an event that traditionally ran at a financial loss prior to his input.
His enthusiasm and dedication to any task and to all the many roles he has undertaken have been of the very highest standard. Whatever responsibility he took on he always did it with efficiency, dignity, charm and quiet determination. He has been an excellent ambassador for the AV world and photography generally.
Malcolm Imhoff

To absent friends

Tricia Cooke
Dave & Tricia at their 75th birthday party
Dave's lovely, gentle Tricia died on 14th January 2019 after a long illness. She has been a loyal member of Fentham Photographic Society (now Sutton Coldfield Photography Club), FADE AV Group, as well as East Midlands Audio Visual Group. We shall miss her smile, warmth and friendship, and we pray for Dave.

John Currant
John Currant
John died suddenly and unexpectedly on 16th January 2017. He served on our Committee for many years and we shall miss his vitality, warmth and friendliness. Our prayers are for Jose.

Maggie Imhoff
Maggie Imhoff
Maggie Imhoff died on 5th January 2016.
Maggie has been an active member of the society for a number of years and will be greatly missed. Maggie touched the hearts of everyone she met. When you think of Maggie, say her name, remember how she made you feel, and rejoice. Our thoughts are with Malcolm at this time.
Donations to Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of Maggie have raised over £2000.