We hold a number of competitions during the season:

Competition Rules (applicable to all competitions)

1. There is no limit to the number of Audio-Visuals members may enter. However, if there is insufficient time for all to be shown the Competition Secretary may need to make a selection, so please put your entries in order of preference.

2. Audio-Visuals previously entered in the group's competitions, cannot be re-entered into the same competition unless they have been substantially altered. They can of course be entered into a different competition, so for example, AVs you have shown in the 60 second and Friendship Trophy competitions would be welcome in the Annual Competition.

3. It is a condition of entry that all work must be in the form of an executable file that will run on any computer with a Windows platform MP4 video files are also acceptable, provided they have been programmed to start in Fullscreen mode, without the playback controls visible, and to quit without needing to close the video player. To suit the Group's projector images should preferably be resized to no more than 1920 pixels wide and in 16x9 widescreen format. Other aspect ratios or resolutions should run OK but may not fill the screen.

At the Annual Competitions day:
Ann_Comp_Entry_Form Click here for an Annual Competition entry form

Special rules for the Group's Annual Competition

There are two sections, Open and Music, Poetry and Song. You may enter AVs in either or both of these categories.

Open: The choice of subjects is open, with no special categories. The duration of any audio visual in this section should not exceed 12 minutes.
The winner of this section is awarded The Caroline Trophy

Music, Poetry and Song: This includes Photo Harmony sequences. The winner of this section is awarded The Ken Abbott Trophy

The Elston Trophy is awarded to the judged to be the best from an Intermediate worker

An "Intermediate" worker is defined as a Member who does not hold any distinctions in Audio-Visual: RPS, PAGB, or FIAP, and who is not a previous winner of a trophy in our Annual Competition.

The audio visual judged to have the best voiceover will be awarded
The Maggie Imhoff Trophy in memory of Maggie

The audience votes for the Audio-Visual they enjoyed the most from all the entries, and this is awarded The Foursome Trophy shield

Other competitions during the year:
The Friendship Trophy – Open subject, where the recorded soundtrack must be one unaltered track of a commercial recording, not exceeding 5 minutes duration. The author’s name must not be declared within the programme. Judging is by audience ballot. The winner is awarded The Friendship Trophy.

60-Second Competition – Usually held at the Christmas party, a fun evening where any number of AVs can be entered, so long as they do not exceed one minute. The winner is awarded the Camp Trophy.